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0x03 Documenting things

0x03 Documenting things


I need a routine when developing that makes writing about the code easier afterwards. Nobody likes writing documentation, but these posts need to be interesting to read. I’m going to be making a lot of uninspiring clones of existing games so the process is really the thing I want to write about.

I need a workflow, a set of processes to follow that’ll end up with a working program and some screenshots, code snippets and diagrams that I can write about.

All about the algorithms

Focusing on the algorithms feels like an interesting way to go. Rather than just showing off a program and some code, I think I’ll try explaining the algorithm and my thoughts.

My current plan is to pick interesting parts of the code and explain them by using diagrams, some pseudocode, annotated code listings or screenshots. When I read other people’s programming blogs, the bit I stay for is the detail. I like looking at screenshots of things, but show me some code and explain the algorithm behind it and you’ve got my attention. I figure there’s others like me, and it should make a nice change to contentless Facebook posts.

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