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James’s DEV Profile

James’s DEV Profile

I currently live opposite a building site (where I liveĀ was a building site six months ago), it’s a good visual metaphor for software development. Putting up walls makes a house-shaped object, but that’s probably the easy part compared to putting on a roof and the thousand tiny jobs required.

Starting from just a blank Visual Studio project, just how far can I get in a year? This isn’t some sort of challenge with imposed time limits or restrictions. Just, if I stick at this consistently for a year, how far can I get?

Words of encouragement welcome, I’m doing this all in my spare time while also trying to organise a house (remember how I said I live in something that was a building site? It’s now a new house full of boxes hastily stacked in rooms that need sorting) and go to work.

The projects that I do here will be whatever I think is interesting at the time, but I’ll try not to randomly jump from one shiny distraction to another. While I say there aren’t any restrictions, the only rule is what I make must get finished. The posts here will explain parts of the process of making a given project, so if you like reading deeply nerdy content about algorithms you’re in the right place!

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